First freelance platform on blockchain with no fees. We don't compete with existing marketplaces - we fix their mistakes.

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What is Develop[crypto]?

Develop[crypto] – revolutionary business model which will be beneficial to both users and investors. We’ve implemented blockchain technologies into freelance market and followed principles of decentralization. Our approach guarantees productive cooperation between freelancers and contractors and solves current existing problems in the freelance industry:

1. Absence of trust between freelancers and contractors.
2. Expensive and difficult escrow services.
3. Finding the right freelancer is too time consuming.
4. Absence of understanding between multi-national clients.

Our business strategy is made in such a way that the demand for DEV tokens will always rise which will benefit both investors and users.

DEV liquidity
DEV token has practical uses; they can be used as a financial instrument within Develop[crypto] platform and as a coin traded on exchanges.
Considering large freelance market capitalization, demand and liquidity of DEV tokens will always remain high.
Free escrow
Develop[crypto] does no charge fees while acting as an escrow between the customer and the freelancer.
All transactions are recorded on blockchain using Ethereum network.
DEV price increase
Fixed amount of DEV tokens guarantees its investors constant increase in in demand and as a result, in value, as the platform grows.
DEV token holders can use the tokens within Develop[crypto] platform, or buy/sell/exchange. While tokens are locked for a project, their rate changes.
Selling them after project completion freelancer will most likely end up with more fiat equivalent than the project was started with.
Investors can see free/locked tokens anytime. In real time.
How does it work?
Client creates an order which is registered in Develop[crypto]'s system. It is available to all registered freelancers.
For orders >$5000 Develop[crypto] can find a professional within the platform which is best suited for the task. After confirming the technical requirements funds are reserved on the platform. If escrow is selected tokens equivalent to the budget will be reserved.
Contractor receives a list of completed tasks and checks it's quality. In case of disputes Develop[crypto] will make the final decision. If escrow was used, tokens are unfrozen and sent to the freelancer.
  • Pre-ICO advertising company


  • Private Pre-ICO round ($60,000 raised)


  • Start of smart contract development


  • Preparation of OpenMind for Pre-ICO, started developing the alpha version

    (Aug) - (Oct)

  • Development of Develop[crypto] business model

    (May) - (Aug)

  • Placing DEV tokens to exchanges. Beta-version release


  • ICO

    (22 April - 22 May 2018)

  • Acquiring necessary licenses


  • Alpha version release


  • Pre-ICO

    (31 March - 14 April 2018)

  • Preparing for Pre-ICO


  • 1M+ users


Token Sale
Ticker DEV
Amount 108 000 000
Constant bonus
Amount Amount in ETH
5% 20-49
10% 50-99
15% 100-499
20% 500+
Price 1 ETH = 9000 DEV
Compatibility ERC20
Temporary bonuses (Pre-ICO)
Amount Period
20% 1st day
10% 2-7th days
5% 8-14th days
0% 15-30th days
Our Team
Dmitriy Malinov
Evgenya Volkova
Serguei Petraitis
Vitaliy Orlov
Igor Klimovskiy
Smart Contract Developer
Alex Nikitin
Android Developer
Natalja Mamrosenko
Gilles Mercier
International Relations
Giovanni Casagrande
Krystelle Galano
Paul Francis
Li XiangJun

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